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PEMAN CONSULTANTS LTD offers environmental services in:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Audit
  • Liability Audits/Assessments

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Environmental impact assessment aims at determining and presenting the environmental impacts of a project (Positive and negative) and identifying there from, realistic mitigation measures for the negative aspects while maximizing on the positive ones. EIA involves identification of those parameters that impact on the environment, predictions of the likely change on the environment, evaluation of the impacts, proposal of mitigation measures, and generation of baseline data for monitoring and evaluation and underscoring environmental issues for guiding policy formulation.

Environmental Audit
Environmental Audit is a systematic documentation, periodic and objective evaluation of how activities and processes of an ongoing project or an already existing project conform to the approved environmental management plan.  EA captures activities to be audited, an indication of materials used, final products, byproducts and waste generated, description of the activities, processes and operations of the project, description of Legislative and regulatory frameworks on ecological and socio-economic matters, description of potentially affected ecological and social-economic matters, a prioritization of all past and ongoing concerns, identification of environmental occupational health and safety concerns, opinion of the efficacy and adequacy of the environmental management plan of the project, detailed recommendations for corrective activities, their cost timetable and mechanism for implementation, measures taken under the environmental management plan to ensure implementation is of acceptable environmental standards and summary outlining the key findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Liability Audits/Assessments
The development of environmental policies, codes and operating practices such as those required by the ISO 14000 series results in greater commitment to environmental stewardship by corporations’


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